A Brief Introduction of Hennessy Artistry

For ten years, Hennessy Artistry has promoted “The Global Art of Mixing” in the major cosmopolitan cities of the world, bringing together innovative musical talents to create a hot mix of music, styles and cultures through spectacular and sophisticated musical experiences.

This year, Hennessy proposed a stand out event, the first nationwide, live broadcasted Hennessy Artistry show ensuring a sense of exclusivity and intimacy by limiting access to the target audiences. The event has been designed to follow a live TV show format, consisting of two main parts: A press conference and main show, while including highlights such as a red carpet walk and cocktail party.

Hennessy showered the music of the gathering of global stars without national boundaries. Hennessy’s music inspiration comes from the character Hennessy’s idea of “Global Fusion Art”, which aims to integrate music styles and fashion elements from all over the world and spread the idea of art without national boundaries. We hope to create a cool combination of music, fashion, culture and culture (Xuanyuan culture) by bringing together the most distinctive music and musicians in the world.

The music of Hennessy dazzling” has been inviting the world’s most individualistic musicians to show the unparalleled experience of melting around the world.

With the help of the wonderful platform of “Hennessy hymn music”, Hennessy brand international wine invites the world’s top entertainers to cooperate with each other every year to bring wine and music together. Dedicated to the dazzling national level calligraphy master Hennessy poetry and music experience to every corner of the world. Up to now, the “Hennessy hymn” has swept the world’s continents, Hong Kong, Taipei, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London, Moscow, To become the pioneer of the new style of music and the new fashion of party all over the world.

The charm of art lies in eternal innovation. ” Hennessy hymn music brings the art of fusion to the vogue front and endows it with new connotations. Every year in the global music gluttony-“Hennessy hymn music festival”, the world’s widely different musical styles, in an unexpected way combined, become a natural.

All around the world, Hennessy artistry brings together some of the most talented artists on stage for an electic mix of musical talents. 

“All over the world, Hennessy Artistry events blend the best in both music and long drinks to create unforgettable experiences for discerning audiences,” says Stephane de Meurville, general manager, Moët Hennessy Canada. “Hennessy offers musicians from radically different worlds a night to combine their talents by sharing the stage and their music, just as Hennessy develops its cognacs by combining the best eaux-de-vie from its cellars.”

Each event will offer partygoers a mix of sound, visual innovation and music, showing a unification of rhythm and taste, the joining of alternative urban cultures, and the versatility of Hennessy Very Special.  Guests are invited to explore and experience the universe of the brand’s mixed drinks based on four flavours that mix perfectly with Hennessy cognac – berry, citrus, ginger and apple.

Since 2006, Hennessy Artistry has promoted the art of blending through events in major cosmopolitan cities, including: TorontoMontrealNew YorkLos AngelesMiamiMoscow and Hong Kong.



2017 Hennessy Hymn “Brings the Music Experience of Fusion World

Every year, the stage lineup of Hennessy hymn is expected to come together from both China and the West, bringing together elements of art, culture, music and cognac creativity. At the end of 2017, the 12-year global gala is coming again, lighting up Shanghai’s night sky with the world’s music experience and confusing the entire music party.

Hennessy hymn is a musical feast that must not be missed every year. It is also the stage where Hennessy V.S.O.P and the concept of “the music experience of merging the world” are skillfully combined. At the scene, in addition to the violent music, Hennessy V.S.O.P fragrance and creative cocktails of all kinds of special drinks for the audience to bring visual, auditory and taste of the full sensory collision, generating the end of the year energy!

As the communicator of modern lifestyle, Hennessy V.S.O.P extends the concept and charm of “fusion” of cognac life to the field of music. At the party scene, Hennessy V.S.O.P interprets cognac fusion experience with rich and colorful special drinks, which adds boundless excitement to the music party of the night. Not only is the party exciting, but the 2017 “Hennessy Sonic Music” has once again opened up a full range of interactions from online to offline, inside and out of the venue, allowing all viewers to immerse themselves in the modern music experience anytime and anywhere.

The opening singer is British pop singer Anne Marie, a globally popular single called  Alarm,  which allows sexy voices to row into the night sky and powerful vocals that successfully conquer the audience. “Rockabye,” which was followed by a nine-week British singles list, sparkled a thrill of dancing with electronics, violin strings, reggae, rap and other multi-element colliding styles. The 90-year female singer first appeared on the “Hennessy hymn” stage, with a blend of different styles of novel alternative British pop music set off a dazzling heat wave.  At present, the world’s leading-edge music works, all pay attention to multiculturalism in the music level collision fusion. As a musician, I have been trying to incorporate Chinese traditional elements of folk music into rock, pop and electronic music to ensure that the two are both relatively independent and harmonious. ”  Tan Weiwei ,  a Chinese singer, shared. It is cool with a French beret

The CharliXCX, with the British authoring style, baton heats up , and sings the girl ‘ s youth power in a well – known form BoomClap . This is especially good at PopRock and Synthpop style , and is often included in the works to blend the wonderful elements of the East and the West . She sings four heat bills in the evening , creating a magic electrical sound and a retro rock collision fused music kingdom for fans .

The world’s top 100 DJNERVOs, with a dynamic ElectroHouse style, turned the music feast into a rave of heat. In the male-dominated world of international DJ, the twin sisters from Australia, Mim and Liv Nervo, are one of the few girls who played ElectroHouse to a single school with bold and stylish acting fashion and superb mixing skills. A vivid interpretation of the “Music without Borders” fusion art, hi the audience.

2016 Hennessy Music Show in Shanghai for a Modern Music Party

The founder of the new global music party-Hennessy hymn brings the world’s most individual heavyweight musicians to Shanghai, integrating rich and diverse musical styles and modern elements to provide a world-class music fusion experience. On this wonderful stage, the passion of music and culture collides with each other, and the modern artistic ideas blend harmoniously to create a bright party space.

Hennessy Companion in 2016 invites British pop female singer Fleur East, the American newest Electropunk group Krewella, the world’s top 100 DJ Fedde Le Grand and the new generation of hip-hop forces in a low-key combination of music, cognac and modern fashion ideas, which presents an extraordinary fusion party.

Krewella, an unstoppable new Electropunk band from the US, debuted at the Hennessy Sonic Music Party with a cool mix based on classic songs. Krewella, a groundbreaking fusion of multi-tone styles for enthusiastic Chinese fans, has made countless rounds in the Super Bowl and major music festivals around the world. Forbes 2016, the world’s most promising 30 outstanding musicians under the age of 30, representing the world’s most dynamic young music power.

Fleur East, a British pop singer, loves to explore the infinite possibilities of music, bringing to “Hennessy’s hymns” many good songs that combine blues, pop, soul, rock, dance, etc. “for me, music is everything,” Fleur said. “it can fit into every moment in my life. It’s a language that communicates with the world.” Fleur East represents the fusion of Western pop music and Chinese musicians. They complement the many special drinks presented by Hennessy V.S.O.P. that evening, and the multi-flavor and rich layers are intertwined. Melt, shock audiovisual experience with the perfect cognac liquor taste to the bottom of my heart, stirring with unlimited heat.

Fedde Le Grand, the world’s top 100 DJ from the Netherlands, continues to unleash its music energy with its world famous for its strong tempo, keeping the party afloat late into the night. As the soul of House, Fedde has partnered with international music giants such as Michael Jacksonn Madonnav Mariah Careyn Rihannav Coldplay. At Hennessy’s music party, Fedde vividly interprets the art of “Music without Borders” with superb mixing skills. The atmosphere was too hot to stop.

At the party scene, Hennessy V.S.O.P annotated the cognac fusion experience with colorful special drink blending forms, which added an infinite amount of excitement to the music party of that night. This year’s “Hennessy hymn music” from online to offline, from inside to outside the venue to open a full range of interaction, so that all viewers anytime, anywhere immersed in the modern and pleasant music experience. The whole party was broadcast live by Youku, Meitai to a global audience in real time. Well-known talent with fashion and music elements and top music artists behind the scenes wonderful interaction for the audience closer to show the unique charm of fusion art. At the same time, there are also “Hennessy hymn” Hummer luxury party cars in outside the venue to support the lucky audience to provide a direct scene of surprise interaction. Cooperate with Didi Premier Taxi exclusively to share the dazzling experience of Hennessy hymn to the audience all over the city.